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Foto: Mihai Stetcu

Xross Team is a group of people who have always pushed the limits. We were members of Mountain Rescue Service of Serbia for many years, and life in nature is just an everyday activity for us. We were and still are active in mountain biking, hiking, skiing, speleology and camping which contributed to the perfect knowledge of the environment in which we live and explore untouched parts of nature. Besides mountain biking, we soon started riding motocross and hard enduro that we brought to Serbia.

After the experience we gained riding races in Greece, Croatia, Romania and Austria we realized that it is time to start our own project – Xross Challenge, the first hard enduro race in Serbia that in just five years managed to become the biggest moto event in our country and one of the toughest races in the region. The first race was held in 2014 in Kopaonik, the biggest mountain in Serbia we know very well since we spent so many years there as members of rescue service. In 2015 we have moved to Tara mountain, the place we used for practice since 2006 and there we found a lot of tracks.


Till this day we managed to find more than 400 km of tracks for all riding levels. Whether you want an easy enduro tour in which you will enjoy beautiful forest and mountain landscapes and riding on ridges from which you can have an incredible view or you want a bigger challenge that raises adrenalin, or even something in between – we surely have the right track for you! Just tell us what would you like to ride.

Riders from all around the world, not only beginners but also PRO riders and enduro stars such as Wade YoungChris BirchBen HemingwayPhilipp BertlKevin GallasMiha Spindler and others, had only words of praise for our tracks and hospitality. And their words motivate us to become even better.


Besides enduro and hard enduro riding, Xross Team gained a lot of experience and leave a trace in the segment of adventure riding. On our adventure bikes, we have traveled to the most of Europe, Gobi desert in Mongolia, Siberia, Iran and Japan, until two years ago Xross Challenge also had Adventure rally as a category of riding.


explore Xross tracks at mountains Tara and Kopaonik, guided by our track managers who have made more than 400 km of tracks and successfully organized 5 Xross Challenge races
– accommodation on Tara mountain at the hotel Planinska kuca Tara –
– accommodation at Kopaonik at the hotel Rtanj –
– local food and drinks
– full service for riders and motorbikes
– renting motorbikes and equipment
– organizing accommodation in Belgrade
– transport from the airport and to the airport. Airport “Nikola Tesla” in Belgrade (183km to Tara; 294km to Kopaonik) or Airport “Constantine the Great” in Niš (280km to Tara; 131km to Kopaonik)
– riding school for all levels of riding

Adventure tours

On-road and off-road tours through Serbia.

Active vacation

We are here to enable you to enjoy the nature even when you are not on your motorbike, we also offer mountaineering, biking, boat riding, sightseeing, renting and riding in jeeps, etc.


If you have a question for us or just want to schedule your adventure, please contact us via emails or phone numbers (WhatsApp, Viber).

Vladan Komatovic, +381646417475
Nikola, +38163266382, (469)230-2525

or on email


“It is my first time on this race, I didn’t know a lot about it, but what I saw was pretty good. The tracks are awesome and marked good, the organization of the race is great. I found really challenging those rocky uphills that reminded me on Red Bull Romaniacs.”

– Wade Young, Xross Challenge winner 2018


“Track on Tara mountain are pretty interesting because they have all elements of hard enduro, hard lines, rivers and creeks, uphills, downhills, everything that one race needs. “

– Philip Bertl, Xross Challenge winner 2016, 2017


“I had so much fun here, Tara mountain is beautiful, several times during the ride I wanted to stop and enjoy the view but I had to move on. The organization of the race is great, tracks are well marked, actually, I haven’t seen such good track marking in a long time. “

Chris Birch, Xross Challenge second place 2016


“The track was great, with many technical details that I love to ride – rivers, streams, stones, logs and other obstacles, that is not a problem for me because I used to ride trial. I have to congratulate to organizers on excellent track marking, even though I was the first time on this mountain I haven’t lost once

– Ben Hemingway, 4th place at Xross Challenge 2016

“Track is getting harder and harder with every year, but it is made as it should be, it is good for all levels of riding, there are hard parts, but also there are parts that are easier and you can rest a little bit. Because of the weather, even the organizers had to deal with a lot of things than usual, but they managed to make it all good, they did a good job. I feel like I am at home when I am at Xross Challenge.

Miha Spindler, Xross Challenge winner 2015, 3rd place 2016, 2017, 2018