Xross 2021 Day 2: Jozsa Norbert maintains leading position


The second day of the Xross Hard Enduro Rally took riders from Zlatibor on a 100km long track to Tara mountain and then back to Zlatibor. In front of them was a technically difficult track with many rocks, slippery uphills, and streams. It seems that it wasn’t too hard for the Romanian rider Jozsa Norbert who kept the leading position on Day 2 and came first through the finish line in PRO Class.

The rally started on the beautiful hills and meadows of Zlatibor, and from there, riders went (back) to Tara mountain. The majority of them were already familiar with some well-known locations, but some of them faced notorious obstacles for the first time. Famous Miha’s Creek on Tara mountain was on track for Day 2, the Mousetrap, and some other uphills. As always, the Mousetrap gave a headache even to the best riders. They hardly managed to climb that uphill from the first try. Some of them needed help from the spectators, who joined forces to pull bikes up this rocky uphill.

The track was challenging for all three categories – PRO, EXPERT, and HOBBY. Although they came in tired to the finish line, riders were satisfied with what Tara mountain put in front of them. Wild beauty, the mix of challenging terrains and enjoyable landscapes. To put it in their own words – “a little bit rocky, but good hard enduro”.

Things in PRO Class didn’t change from Day 1. Jozsa Norbert came first, followed by Tony Mulec, while the third was Zsolt Varga. The fastest riders in the EXPERT Class were Matija Kovacic, Marko Petelin, and Marko Gorsek. The best among HOBBY riders were Bostjan Sturm, Martin Lindtner, and Peter Gorisek.

We can’t wait to see what Day 3 will bring. The riders will go on a 100km rally from Zlatibor to Mokra Gora and back to Zlatibor.