Testing for Covid 19 at Xross Hard Enduro Rally


Considering the health and safety of all participants, the Xross Team will organize testing for the Covid 19 virus at this year’s Xross Hard Enduro Rally. In the base camp of the race on Zlatibor Mountain, all riders will be able to take a Rapid Antigen Test and PCR test.

The situation with the coronavirus has not yet been put under control around the world. Carrying about the health of both competitors and all those involved in the organization, the Xross Team will take the necessary measures to protect participants. Some countries require their citizens to have a negative corona test when they return to the country after traveling abroad. Therefore, the race management will organize testing for the coronavirus with so-called rapid tests and PCR tests.

  • Rapid Antigen Test price is 13 euros
  • PCR Test price is 80 euros

Please note, these prices are imposed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Serbia. 

Riders who would like to do PCR tests on Zlatibor, need to inform Xross Team at last 4 days before coming to the race. You can inform the team by sending us an email to

Xross Hard Enduro Rally will be held from 24 to 26 September on Zlatibor, Tara, and Mokra Gora. You can register for the rally HERE. Before registering, be sure to read the competition Rules and Regulations since the race format has changed.