For what championships you can keep score by riding at Xross Challenge


As you already know, the Xross Challenge race has three categories of difficulty – PRO, EXPERT, and HOBBY. Since we are recognized as an international race, Xross Challenge is included in other racing calendars. Therefore, by riding at Xross Challenge, you are also getting points for placement on some other championships.

To find out which level of enduro riding and experience is necessary for each class on the Xross Challenge race, please check our Rules & Regulations. In the table below, you will see what championships and classes you can keep score by riding on Xross Challenge.

While choosing your class, please consider the difficulty of the class and keep in mind for what categories of other championships you would like to keep score. The seventh edition of the Xross Challenge race will be held from 2. – 4. October at Tara mountain. Similarly, like the previous year, we will organize Enduro tours two days before (September 30 and October 1). SIGN UP HERE!