#XROSS2020: Registrations are open!

Xross Challenge / Photo Vladimir Mladenovic


Online registrations for the seventh edition of the Xross Challenge race are open now, and they will be until September 20. After that date, riders will be able to sign-up only at the race. Xross Challenge race will be held from 2. to 4. October at Tara Mountain in Serbia and two days before the race Xross Team will organize enduro tours across this beautiful mountain. Xross Team is optimistic that the current global emergency situation will stabilize by the end of the summer, so there won’t be any problems with traveling to Serbia and the race itself. However, we are monitoring the situation closely, and we will inform riders regularly.

In comparison with previous years, when the race took place in the summer months, this time, we moved the challenge for the autumn. We can’t wait to see if Tara will be more challenging in October then it was in May and June, and we believe that you are curious about that, too. One sure thing is there will be no short of adrenaline and challenges, because we are already in search for some new, never before ridden tracks.

To register for the race, you need to fill in the form on our website. Please, be sure to fill all fields correctly, and to give us your proper email address, because we’ll be using that address to send you all information regarding the race.
Like in previous years, the race will have three categories – PRO, EXPERT, and HOBBY, but this time we will also create different rankings for Veterans 40+, Veterans 50+, and Women. Veterans 40+ will be riding the same tracks as Expert class, while Veterans 50+ will be riding Hobby class tracks.

We advise you to read Xross Rules and Regulations before signing up.

Xross Challenge / Photo Bogdan Kosanovic

Photo: Bogdan Kosanovic

Registration fee

The registration fee for Xross Challenge 2020 is 160 EUR (for all three classes)*, and riders are obliged to pay it until September 15, 2020. After that date, the registration fee will be 180 EUR for all categories. The fee covers everything that is included in the Package 1 (see down below in the Packages section).

*Women and riders who are under 18 pay 75 EUR registration fee (until 15. September 2020)

Packages for riders

Like in previous years, Xross Team has prepared different packages for riders.

Package 1

Package 1 includes 3 days of the race (2. to 4. October), registration fee, petrol on tank points for 3 days, tracker, park ferme. Price: 160 EUR

Package 2

Package 2 includes 2 days of enduro tours ( 30. September and 1. October) + 3 days of the race (2. to 4. October)- registration fee, a guide for tours, petrol on tank points for 3 days of the race, tracker, park ferme. Price: 260 EUR

Package 3

Package 3 includes 6 days – 1 day in Belgrade, 2 days of enduro tours in Tara + 3 days of the race in Tara, transportation from the airport in Belgrade to Tara mountain, and from Tara mountain to airport in Belgrade, registration fee, a guide for tours, rent of a motorbike for 5 days (KTM 250 TPI, KTM 300 TPI, and BETA 300 RR – 2020), tracker, park ferme, petrol for 5 days and service of the motorbike. Price: 2.100 EUR.

Xross Challenge / Photo Alex Dmitrovic

Photo: Alex Dmitrovic


None of the packages above includes accommodation. However, you will be able to reserve accommodation through Xross Challenge registration. Just fill in the required fields in the registration form. If you are reserving accommodation for the entire team, please note the name of riders in the MESSAGE area at the end of the registration. Also, tell your teammates that they don’t have to ask for the accommodation again when they register for the race. If you reserved accommodation via Xross Team, you must pay it in advance, as well as registration fee. After you fill out the registration form, our team will send you further instructions. If you don’t pay accommodation on time, your reservation will be canceled. Accommodation is organized in hotels Omorika, Planinska Kuca (Mountain House) Tara, and motel Kurta (all three locations are close to the race office and park ferme).

Global Health Situation

We are aware of the current health situation and state of emergency worldwide. However, we are optimistic that by the time of the race, the situation will return to normal. According to current estimations by the European Union, the state borders in the majority of Europe should be open by the end of the summer. That means that by the beginning of October, when the Xross Challenge race is scheduled, there should not be any problems with traveling.

If Serbia imposes some additional measures for entering the country, we will inform you promptly. Xross Team is monitoring the situation closely, and if it turns out that we can’t hold the race, after all, we will inform you about that too, also on time. In such a case, we will refund the money to all riders who have paid the tuition fee. However, the bank fee for the transfer will be deducted from the amount of the registration fee.

Photo: Attila Szabo

Accept the challenge, sign-up!

As we have previously told, we are optimistic that the entire situation will stabilize and that this October, we will have fun riding the best endure challenge so far. We believe that you, too, are eager to ride in nature with friends, after this quarantine period. Don’t hesitate, SIGN-UP!