Xross Challenge 2019 – Day 2: True hard enduro with a lot of dust


Wade Young was the fastest rider on the second day of Xross Challenge race, his advantage during the entire race was not compromised by any competitor, but the real fight was for the second and third place taken by Teodor Kabakchiev and Maciej Loboz. The sunny weather was good for the riders who had to tackle 90 km of tracks, even though they were faster than in previous years because there was no rain, some uphills were quite the problem for a lot of them. 

The second day of Xross Challenge race was traditionally the hardest and the longest day in this competition. PRO class riders had to deal with 90 km of tracks that were going through tough uphills and steep downhills in the woods, while Expert and Hobby class had a bit shorter and easier track. Nice weather followed the riders on the second day as well on the first. Wade Young kept his leading position from the start till the end.

Unstoppable! Wade Young / Photo by Vladimir Mladenovic

I had a good day, I started third, so I was one minute behind, and I caught the guys pretty early in the race and on the first hard section I made a bit of a gap. I felt really good and comfortable, there were some hard hills in the woods, I really enjoyed the track. The hardest part was the Mousetrap and some other parts. I had a problem at the end of the race with my GPS, but it’s not so bad. I enjoyed it, the race was easier than last year because it was warm, it was easier, more rideable – said Young.

During the race, Teodor Kabakchiev and Matija Zec were fighting for the second position, but in one moment Matija lost his way in the woods and fell behind. Teodor kept the second position despite his problem with the gear lever, and Maciej Loboz from the Czech Republic and Luka Kutnar from Slovenia came in third and fourth place.

The notorious Mousetrap was the hardest obstacle again / Photo by Vladimir Mladenovic

– It was good, except for the 2 crashes I made. The first crash happened on the Mousetrap and I broke the gear lever, I am really happy that the Serbian guy helped me with his own gear lever. I made it on the Mousetrap from the second time. Except that, it was a good track, I didn’t have any problems, and I stayed focused on the race – Kabakchiev said.

Some riders couldn’t get to the top without the help / Photo: Bogdan Kosanovic

On the first day, the best Serbian rider in Pro Class was young Damnjan Damnjanovic who came back to the races after a few months of the break. However, the second day was a bit challenging for him.

– This is my third time at the Xross Challenge and the tracks were marked good, I didn’t have the GPS and I didn’t get lost even once. The Mousetrap was really hard today, I had to go back several times until I found the right path to the top. After the Mousetrap, there was another uphill, and it wasn’t even that hard, maybe for Expert Class, but something hit my bike, and I fell, after that, I simply lost the focus. But the first day was really good, Prologue looked hard, but it wasn’t that much, you just have to think during the race, and Akrapovič Super test was pretty interesting  – Damnjan said.

Nice and warm weather was good for the riders / Photo by Alex Dmitrovic

And this weekend Tara mountain is the best place for off-road, while the riders at the Xross Challenge race competed against tough obstacles and wild nature, the adventure bikes riders had their own “party” – BMW Motorrad Adventure Ride that we organized with our longtime partners Delta Motors and Delta Automoto. Around 70 riders participated in this ride and they were riding on some of the most beautiful parts of the Tara mountain – such as Zaovine lake, Drvengrad, and others. Nemanja Čečović, one of the participants of this ride, shared his impressions with us:

“This was such a great experience for me, this was my first long off-road ride. I had bad tires, I didn’t fell, but it was sketchy in some places. The adrenalin is rising and I am still getting to know the bike and myself on off-road terrain. Tara is beautiful, just perfect, and the organization was world class, honestly, I didn’t expect that. Regarding the beautiful nature, there were some incredible scenery and places like The Shargan 8, Drvengrad, we even passed through some rivers it is pretty exciting when you get rush of adrenaline.”

After that, they had the opportunity to test their agility on the Honda polygon.

Parts of the track took the riders through this amazing landscape / Photo by Bogdan Kosanovic

We have the 3rd and the last day of Xross Challenge in front of us. Riders will have a shorter, but technically demanding path. They will go through some well-known parts such as Miha’s creek, Stone bridge and wood uphill were a lot of spectators will be waiting and cheering them. The finish of the race is in the old quarry. Who will be the Xross Challenge champion for 2019, we’ll find tomorrow. Until then, make sure to watch our Facebook and Instagram stories for some interesting clips from the race.