Lars Enöckl accepted the challenge – he is coming to Tara mountain


The best Austrian hard enduro rider, Lars Enöckl just joined the list of riders for the Xross Challenge 2019. Enöckl ended last year as one of the Top 10 riders in the world, side by side with professionals even though he is a privateer.

Before he got interested in motorbikes, Lars Enöckl was skiing professionally, then he studied architecture. When he decided to ride motorcycles out of hobby the titles begun to string. He is enduro champion of Austria, the winner of Sea To Sky race, he got on the podium at Hell’s Gate race, and he finished in the first 10 at big races such as Extreme XL Lagares, Erzbergrodeo and Red Bull Romaniacs. Not only that he is top Austrian rider, but he is also the most successful privateer in the world hard enduro scene since he doesn’t have any big moto brand or racing factory behind him. That doesn’t stop him to be a decent rival to professional riders, even though enduro is just a hobby for him.

This year, Enöckl joined forces with Austrian brand X-Grip, he rides Husqvarna and he wants to stay in the Top 10. How he will manage at beautiful but rough Tara mountain – we’ll see from 14. to 16. June.