Franck Boulisset: I appreciate the most Wade’s state of mind and honesty in the competition


Hard Enduro may seem like an individual sport, but when it comes to the professional level it’s actually a team work. Pretty much like in any other motorsport. Crucial parts of those teams are mechanics, so we present you Franck Boulisset – mechanic of Wade Young, working for Sherco Racing Factory.

Boulisset has been a mechanic since 2002 and before that, he was a motorcycle rider. This is his sixth year with Sherco and fourth with Wade Young – one of the Top 10 hard enduro riders in the world. Boulisset also worked with HVA, Husaberg, Aprilia, Yamaha, Honda, and Mitsubishi on Rally Raid, he assisted to team France on 14 editions of Dakar Rally and 15 editions of ISDE. With such experience, it’s safe to say that he knows his way around bikes and racing.

Last year he wasn’t with Wade Young at Xross Challenge, but this year he is coming to Tara mountain, and even though he has a pretty busy schedule and is traveling, he found some time to chat with us.

Currently, in extreme enduro, my job is to make the best bike for Wade and then to supervise and assist him as best as possible to get the victory without major mechanical worries – Boulisset says to us.

Franck and Wade

He usually follows Young on all races around the world and besides taking care of the bike, Franck also needs to be familiar with a lot of other stuff regarding the race, so he can be prepared to help Wade in all circumstances.

“I need to know in advance the program of the race and its progress and to know on what ground it will unfold. Next is good weather information.”

Hard Enduro is a rough sport, ridden on tough terrains that are not made for riding a bike – but that is the beauty and the challenge of this sport. However, riders often get in tough situations and bikes suffer defects. Throughout his career, Boulisset has had a fair share of tough moments, but one of the hardest ones was in Portugal.

“One of my worst situations was last year when Wade fell into the water at XL Lagares and I could only assist him verbally because the rules of the race forbid any audience from the outside.”

With everything that he has achieved so far – Wade Young deserves absolute respect. He is a complete rider, dedicated and focused and that’s what took him to the podiums of so many world-renowned enduro races. We asked Franck what he appreciates the most at Wade Young?

“His state of mind and his honesty in the competition.”


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He also shared advice for riders who don’t have the luxury of having a mechanic by their side.

“If you are amateur who rides extreme enduro, I would advise you to be in a very good physical condition and to prepare your motorcycle for the race, take the best care you can, so you can be able to cross the finish line.” 

Thank you, Franck. We are looking forward to seeing you on Tara mountain in a few days.