Spectators point for Xross Challenge race – Sunday 17. June 2018

Xross Challenge 2017 / Photo by Mihai Stetcu


Hard endurance races are specific among other things because the visitors are not passive observers who stand in one place. To experience the race in the right way and see some of the action moves into the woods and the mountain you will have to follow the riders – by car or on foot, which only raises adrenaline and uncertainty.

Due to bad weather conditions this weekend on Tara mountain, tomorrow’s race will be shortened. The Start is originally planned for 9h, but there is a possibility that it will be moved. Information on the exact start time of the last day of the Xross Challenge race will be posted on our Facebook page.


Location 1 – Start of the third day of the race 
How to get there: The macadam road towards the Ponikve airport, which starts in front of the Jeremičak asphalt road, passes along the Planinska Kuća Tara and crosses the gravel road, after 1.5km on the right side, on a side-road leading to the grassy plateau is the start.
Time: You need 30 minutes on foot. Accessible with vehicles.

Location 2
How to get there:  From the prologue go to the hotel Planinska kuća Tara. Continue from dirt road another 1 km and you will reach the route where riders are passing. Turn left into the woods and go on the dirt road another 800m and you come to the site to watch. That way they go riders of class A and B, so please pay attention to them and move from the road when they come. Be sure to go on foot.
Time: You need 20 minutes.
The arrival of first riders:  5 minutes after the start of the race.

Location 3 – Zig Zag
How to get there: From MIF pump take the main road to the Kremna. At a distance of 9.2 km from the MIF pump arrive on a small bridge and park the car beside the road. Walk along, turn left onto the dirt road, after 200m go over the stream and through the meadow, you come to the old stone bridge. Climb up on the bridge, go to the left side for 300m. You will see in the forest track of the motorcycle on the left side. Go uphill and after 500m steep climb, you come to this point.
Time: You need 45 minutes by car, and the part you have to walk.
The arrival of first riders: 30 minutes after the start

Location 4 – Stone bridge most
How to get there:  You are going on the same road as for the Location 3. Only PRO Class riders pass through.
The arrival of first riders: 45 minutes after the start

Location 5 – Miha’s creek
How to get there: Kako doći: You are going on the same road as for the Location 3. Park your car 300m before the small bridge. Go by foot and turn left on narrow macadam road and after 100m you arrive at the spectator point. Riders of PRO and EXPERT classes pass through.

Location 6 – Tavern Kurta
How to get there: Tavern Kurta is across the road of MIF gas pump in the center of Kaluđerske Bare.

Location 7 – Stone pit
How to get there: Stone pit is on the road to Bajina Basta – Tara (Kaluđerske Bare) 11,5km from Bajina Bašta on the elbow bend you will notice a macadam road that after 200m enters the stone pit zone where riders arrive at the finish line.
Time: You need 15 minutes by car, but a part of the road you’ll have to go by foot.
The arrival of first riders: One hour after the start.