Spectator points for Xross Challenge race – Saturday 16. June 2018

Xross Challenge 2017 / Photo Mihai Stetcu


Hard endurance races are specific among other things because the visitors are not passive observers who stand in one place. To experience the race in the right way and see some of the action moves into the woods and the mountain you will have to follow the riders – by car or on foot, which only raises adrenaline and uncertainty.

Alike in the previous year, Xross team has for this edition of Xross Challenge race pointed locations where you will be able to wait for the passage of the riders through these sections. We made a detailed guidance on how to get to the location from which you will be able to watch our greatest hard enduro race, during all three days. Follow the rules!


Location 1 – Start of the second enduro day
How to get there: From the hotel Omorika go towards Kremna, and after 150 meters of the hotel is a Y intersection. On this intersection take the left path that is paved with cobblestones. After 1 km you come to a T intersection where you will see the finish gate.
Time: You need 15 minutes by foot.
Start: Check the timeline of the race

Location 2 – Mousetrap
How to get there: From MIF pump go to Kremna, and on T intersection turn right towards Visegrad. At exactly 900m from the crossroads turn right on dirt road. Ride the dirt road for about 1.9km where you will come across a crossing two streams. Here, park the car and continue along the river walk 1.3km and you will reach the famous Mice trap, where you in the harsh struggle with nature watch riders of PRO, EXPERT and HOBBY classes.
Time: You need one hour, access is possible by car (11.5 km asphalt road and 1.9km dirt road), a part of you will have to walk (1.3km)
The arrival of the first riders: One hour and 15 minutes after the start of the race.

Location 3 – Finish of the second day of the race
How to get there: From MIF pump go on asphalt road towards Mitrovac. After 2km, on the sharp right-hand bend, turn left on dirt road, also known as the Italian way. After 300m you will reach the place from which will start the race on the second day.
Time: You need 10 minutes, location is accessible by car.
The arrival of the first riders: Two hours and 45 minutes after the start.