Miha Spindler: Technique is very important in Hard Enduro!

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Slovenian rider Miha Spindler reveals what it takes to be among the best Hard Enduro riders in the world.

He is one of the best and the most experienced Hard Enduro riders we have had a chance to see at the Xross Challenge race. He has been on his bike almost entire life, and after ten years of very successful motocross career, he switched to Hard Enduro.

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Miha Spindler is competing in PRO class and his results secured him a place among the best riders in the world. He has been riding on all big Hard Enduro races in the world, Red Bull Romaniacs, Sea To Sky, and famous Erzberg Rodeo, just to name a few. Spindler, who is a Serbian crowds favorite, has been crowned as Xross Challenge champion in 2015, while last year he took third place.

Not a lot of riders can brag with fantastic technique, speed, and style like Miha Spindler. Competing at that level requires a certain lifestyle and rules you have to follow, so we asked Miha what it takes to be ready for all the challenges this sport puts before.

– During the season I have races almost every weekend, which means that other days of the week are reserved for training. I am going to the gym two or three times a week, where I exercise for strength. If the weather is nice I go out to run. Also, I ride my motorbike. Since there are no so many Hard Enduro races in the calendar, I am riding motocross or cross country which is great for speed and power – says Spindler.

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Weekends are all about racing and there is no time to practice, but after the race, the most important thing is to get a good rest.

– If you are racing for the weekend then you don’t have time for training, since you are usually traveling, and also the races are really exhausting. Therefore, it is extremely important that after the race you have a good rest. For example, if I race on Sunday, on Monday I am traveling back home and Tuesday is my day off – I don’t do anything, no gym, no motorbike. Hard Enduro is a bit more flexible and not so demanding as motocross in which to make the best results you have to train every single day – Miha explains.

But he needs to stay in shape even during the winter.

– Obviously, when it’s winter I do not have the opportunity to ride motorbike all the time. At the best, off the season I am on my motorbike four or five times maybe. But that means that I have to practice in the gym more often. Also, I am playing squash and some other sports just for fun, but they keep me fit as well – says Miha.

This experienced motorbike rider says that in Hard Enduro strength and endurance are necessary, but there is something more important.

– Technique! If you have good technique, if you are technically good rider you will need less strength on your motorbike. You’re fast, you’re safe, no crashes, no injuries. Since I mentioned crashes and I have previously talked about training, it’s important to practice gymnastics. Because you get much more flexible and you can quickly and easily avoid falls and injuries. On the other side in Hard Enduro there are some falls you just can’t avoid – Spindler explains.

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Xross Challenge champion from 2015, returns to Tara for the third time this year, so we asked him what are his memories from previous editions of the biggest Hard Enduro race in Serbia.

– When it comes to Xross Challenge, I remember everything. My best memories are the ones of good organization of the race, we had a very warm welcome and it means a lot to me. That is one of the biggest reasons I love to come to Tara, and I even love to help if there is a need for that. Also, being two times on the podium is one of the best memories from Tara – says Miha.

And, what are his expectations this year?

– I am coming to enjoy the ride, I will give my best and hopefully good results will follow, but even without them it will not be the end of the world. I am definitely looking forward to hang out with my friends from Serbia. One of the reasons why I love this race is because the marking of the tracks is awesome and the track is not so demanding. I can ride and enjoy it, but also less experienced rider can also ride that track – and that is awesome – says Spindler.

Fifth edition of the biggest Hard Enduro race in Serbia is coming back to Tara Mountain from 15th to 17th of June 2018. See you there!

Text: Marija Joksimović